Monday, September 20, 2010

Chili's Deluxe Big Mouth Burgers

Bloggers got a first crack at sampling Chili's bigger Deluxe Big Mouth Burgers. Chili's has been serving burgers already but this time, their new line of burgers said it all -- they were large enough for 2 people to share! Great for people like me with less-than-average appetite.

An added treat for the bloggers was a kitchen tour personally done by Chili's chef. We got to see how orders were filled, the many quality control steps that they took to ensure each burger came out as it should, sanitation measures (they washed and washed and washed their hands over and over). We got to enter their room-sized freezer where we saw the patties and other ingredients stored. And we got to see how the mushroom sauce was made -- prepared by the chef himself in front of us.

We were treated to their four new burgers plus their brand new scrumptious dessert. First, the appetizers...

Next came the burgers, one after the other. I first tried the Ultimate Mushroom Burger (P365) since I love mushroom burgers. The grilled burger is topped with melted Swiss cheese, topped with a rich mushroom sauce and crispy onion strings and served with homestyle fries. 

(Ultimate Mushroom Burger)

This was followed by the Gourmet Burger (P375), peppercorn-crusted burger with fried pickles, gouda cheese and dijon aioli. I never thought I'd enjoy something with peppercorn but the burger really tasted great and I was surprised I actually loved the tangy taste of gouda cheese! This one is something I'd go for again.

(Gourmet Burger)

By this time, my tummy was registering ALMOST FULL. But I still went for a taste of the Smoked Meatloaf (P330). It was topped with crispy onion strings on a sesame seed bun with shredded lettuce, tomato and pickle, served with smoky ketchup and homestyle fries.

(Smoked Meatloaf Burger)

The last burger I tried was the Patty Melt (P350), a burger on Texas toast with Swiss cheese, chipotle-glazed onions and crispy bacon. It was served with jalapeno dressing. Now this one kind of took me by surprise because instead of a burger bun, I was eating the burger with American bread. Frankly, I would have preferred eating this one on a bun, not just because burgers are usually in buns but because the size of the burger overpowered the teeny weeny taste of the toast. 

(Patty Melt)

My tummy was filled to the brim by this time. But who will refuse a dessert that looks like the Banana Cream Pie (P200), graham cracker crust with banana custard filling, topped with fresh whipped cream, drizzled caramel and cocoa powder? Not me!!!

(Banana Cream Pie)

Chili's, with over 14 years of existence in the Philippines, really knows the taste and appetite of its customers. With the addition of these deluxe burgers, family time at Chili's will be even better.

Enjoy the Deluxe Big Mouth Burgers at Greenbelt 5 (729-3022), Northeast Greenhills (727-2959), Tomas Morato (372-5017) and Power Plant Mall Rockwell (659-6527).

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