Monday, September 20, 2010

Chili's Deluxe Big Mouth Burgers

Bloggers got a first crack at sampling Chili's bigger Deluxe Big Mouth Burgers. Chili's has been serving burgers already but this time, their new line of burgers said it all -- they were large enough for 2 people to share! Great for people like me with less-than-average appetite.

An added treat for the bloggers was a kitchen tour personally done by Chili's chef. We got to see how orders were filled, the many quality control steps that they took to ensure each burger came out as it should, sanitation measures (they washed and washed and washed their hands over and over). We got to enter their room-sized freezer where we saw the patties and other ingredients stored. And we got to see how the mushroom sauce was made -- prepared by the chef himself in front of us.

We were treated to their four new burgers plus their brand new scrumptious dessert. First, the appetizers...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

TGI Friday's Shareable Platters & Party Pitchers

My friend Chats and I were invited by TGIF to sample their newly launched platters.

Chats and I, after a yummy TGIF dinner

We got to try two of the platters: the Triple Chicken Sampler and the Seafood Platter.

Triple Chicken Sampler, PhP 925

Seafood Platter, PhP945

Read more about our gastronomic experience and the other TGIF platters on my other post HERE.

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